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Inspiration moves people, but transformation moves them to act

Words have power. When words are delivered in a way that targets key issues in the room, they provide insight, new perspectives and change lives.

If you’re reading this, you very likely you have an audience that needs more than motivation; they need to be moved. If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

As a coach, I’ve had the privilege of addressing audiences of women and men toward relational action; what I call standing up to oppressive love. I’m an action-oriented and direct speaker, who is excited to speak and coach groups at workshops, conferences, in organizations, and bespoke events on individual, couple, family and team enrichment.

I bring a fresh experience that promotes self and relational-awareness to audiences to not just feel something but to do something

My approach to speaking is the same mission that guides my other projects – that to help people heal loves wounds, live bravely and nurture healthy authentic, more loving relationships, we must face one another with courage, clarity, and honesty. It is about standing up to love that hurts and changing it into love that works.

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My Signature Speaking Topics Include..

Finding Clarity on the Decision to Leave or Stay in a Relationship For audiences of women and men in relationship crisis taking courageous ownership of the experiences that have affected their lives in order to find clarity. Regardless of relationship status – married, single, committed, separated or divorced – owning your love story is a process of rebirthing the person God has intended you to be. I speak and coach on simple strategies to help you make peace with yourself in the context of your intimate relationship.

The Not so Desperate Single Woman

True single girl confidence and peace of mind doesn’t start the day you meet a potential partner…it starts in your spirit and mindset! The single most destructive pattern that finds women stuck in bad relationships is the desperation to get married. Whether your audience needs simple strategies to increase self-respect or the ability to create boundaries around societal pressure, I can help! Allow me to help your audience get to a place where others may not understand but they themselves do. To help them find

Assertive Communication in Relationships

For audiences of couples or individuals needing to enjoy healthy communication, this is for you to communicate your needs, wants and feelings in your personal relationships in a direct way that honors and respects your input in collective decisions. Become empowered to draw necessary boundaries that allow both parties needs to be met without alienation and without letting resentment and anger creep in. 

Gain self-confidence and self-esteem, create win-win situations, improve decision-making skills and create an honest relationship.

Amp Up Your Relational Life for Men

This is for men who want to challenge the status quo and take more responsibility for the way they show up in their love lives. For men who want to discard the status quo of loves old oppressive ways, uncover their values, challenge unproductive assumptions about love and express healthy, nurturing love.