Own Your Part of the Problem

“What part did I play in this?” This question will very likely reduce the time it will take to resolve your disagreements with your partner. Moreover, think of any relationship you have. It might not just be with your intimate partner, but it can change the way you resolve conflict with your parents, children, friends, […]

The Tragedy of Marriage in Despair

The day you get married, you make a public commitment. You vow to be true to him and he vows to do the same for you. It is a commitment to the other, to be open, honest, to care, to love, to heal, to become one. Broken Promises What happens then, when the promises that […]

Merging Your Values In Marriage

Merging Your Values In Marriage Marriage is hard work! It needs a solid foundation to withstand the cracks, shifts and periodic earth tremors threatening to break it down. In preparation for a partnered life, there is a sense of self, maturity and personal sincerity necessary for committed cohabitation.  Preparing to welcome your love usually happens […]