Get Coaching or Therapy When Your Friend’s Can’t Help Anymore

Have you had a friend who gets frustrated with the men she’s dating? To you, they all seem to be the same kind of guy who treat her in the same way but she seems oblivious to the glaring similarities you often point out. Then, after a few thrilling but disastrous months, she ends it […]

Love’s Oppressive Ways

“I know this marriage is over but I won’t leave, I can’t bring myself to do it.” This is a narrative many women and men live with, in what they hoped would be a lifelong loving relationship. It’s the core storyline that makes the couple or one partner within it hold on in the midst […]

Own Your Part of the Problem

“What part did I play in this?” This question will very likely reduce the time it will take to resolve your disagreements with your partner. Moreover, think of any relationship you have. It might not just be with your intimate partner, but it can change the way you resolve conflict with your parents, children, friends, […]

3 Ways to Set Achievable Relationship Expectations

An expectation is hoping for something which may or may not happen. In an intimate relationship, having unmet expectations leads to disappointment, unmet needs and growing resentment over what your partner may not even realize is important to you.  We all have narratives built around our hopes and possibilities for an ideal life. This keeps […]

Helping Children Move from Entitlement to Resilience

Have we have raised a generation of princes and princesses? Possibly a generation who will one day blame us for their lack of, or struggle to gain, success? The generation that thinks we had it better because every generation blames the one before, as poignantly sung by Mike and the Mechanics. We raised them this […]

The Tragedy of Marriage in Despair

The day you get married, you make a public commitment. You vow to be true to him and he vows to do the same for you. It is a commitment to the other, to be open, honest, to care, to love, to heal, to become one. Broken Promises What happens then, when the promises that […]

When Parenting Your Teenager Gets Overwhelming

Can we for a minute, contemplate this idea – ‘there are no bad children, there are bad choices.’ Teenagers, like adults, manifest their feelings in their interactions with others. The difference is they tend to act more freely and without self-control.  When you see an adolescent child being mean or hurtful, or negatively acting out, […]

A Brave New World for Gender Roles

A Brave New World for Gender Roles I learn every day from my teenage children, a girl and a boy, that traditional gender roles may be a very real problem for the future they are walking into.  I myself accidentally and with some personal discomfort, settled into the traditional wife role. To be fair, circumstances, […]

Teenagers Need Space, Not Smothering

Teenagers Need Space, Not Smothering Lay your cards on the table and walk away in the hopes that your teenager will call you back to play the game. This statement sums up parenting an adolescent child. The longing for the younger, carefree child remains, but now you need to let go. The parent child bond […]

Give Your Partner Space to Heal

You are not your partner! Yes, you may be the one for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health and till death do you part, but he still retains his individuality. The notion at the beginning of it all and even before the commitment, is that you must be everything for your partner, including […]