The Relationship Coach who helps you build courage to “take action against loves oppressive ways.”

“On my website, you’ll find relationship coaching services and resources for individuals and groups to help you heal loves wounds, live bravely and enjoy healthy authentic more loving relationships.”

Relationship Coaching is a transformational process for women and men who struggle to find peace in what is meant to be a loving, secure bond with another.

Though love can hurt sometimes, it shouldn’t hurt all the time. If it does, remember:

YOU are strong and courageous enough to take action to heal trauma that has happened in the context of your most intimate relationships. As you heal, the journey leads to living a brave life by discarding what no longer serves your emerging self. It’s a life that many may not understand, but one you do. A life full of authenticity and healthy reciprocal love.

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Client Testimonials

Tiwie F. (Loving Honestly Coaching Client) Loving Honestly Coaching Client

My first session with Zvisi was great. It was so natural and she asked all the right questions. For the first time in a while I didn't feel I was wrong for feeling the way I felt. I am not at my best yet but I’m definitely working on being the best me. I am stronger and now I do feel like a problem shared is a problem half solved because I don't always handle situations the way I handled them before. I love the fact that Zvisi is friendly and so had no problem opening up to her. She’s a very good listener, allows you to cry and pick up where you left off. I like that all solutions are yours, she doesn't give you solutions.

Joyce Z. (Loving Honestly Coaching Client) Loving Honestly Coaching Client

My life was a mess, distorted by years of an abusive life and I never saw myself ever healing. I had built walls and closed myself in shell waiting for life to take it's course. When my health started deteriorating, I knew this time I needed help that is when I came through to Zvisi for help. Zvisi came in as a blanket of comfort and a ray of sunshine in my dark life. I started having hope building up and every time we had a session I felt the burden lifting from my shoulders and my health was restoring. I loved the exercises we did and following through them alone built up my confidence, breaking down walls of insecurities. I thank God I met Zvisi in my time of need. My life is back on track and I am healthy. My future is bright, rebuilding every day and knowing my worth.

Sibongile M. (Loving Honestly Coaching Client) Sibongile M. (Loving Honestly Coaching Client)

I was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, which confused me as I’m naturally grounded and value living a virtuous life. I felt mostly angry at myself for avoiding my duties as a responsible daughter and sibling. During my time with Zvisi my thoughts and feelings started to unravel. I got clarity on past situations that were causing my emotional turmoil. The weekly activities she gave me helped me understand and deal with difficult experiences from my childhood. Our sessions gave me great relief and discernment by allowing me to rant and rave about my current anger. I began releasing and letting go. I’m now able to perform those duties without much turmoil and inner conflict. I’m so happy I can live by my values all round. What I liked most about working with Zvisi is she let me pour it out without judgement. She was so understanding even at times when I felt some of the things I was sharing with her were silly and childish. The atmosphere was totally secure. I always felt at ease to talk about my deepest issues.

Maryanne M. (Loving Honestly Coaching Client) Designation

I am going through a process of self-discovery and growth. This is because Zvisi has held my hand, given me a listening ear and much needed guidance and actionable tools. I thank God for sending her my way. I believe I am becoming a more focused, goal oriented person because of the wise counsel she is constantly giving me. May the Lord bless the works of your hands Zvisi. I appreciate you.

Marshall and Winnie Tuso (Loving Honestly Coaching Clients) Designation

Helpful, practical and insightful. This is how we'd describe the session we were privileged to have with Zvisi. As a very young couple, we benefitted greatly from the lively, interactive group session we had, learning how to further enrich our marriage. We were equipped with tools to be able to navigate the chapters that await us. We were also encouraged to keep our current honeymoon phase even more passionate, keeping sensitive to each other's physical and emotional needs and communicating effectively with love. The only thing we needed was more time - we thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

Norman and Liz Machowa (Loving Honestly Coaching Clients) Designation

The couple’s session we had with Zvisi was awesome. It made us realise how important it is to communicate even the simplest of things. The way she handled the discussion was very practical and eye opening. She creates an environment that allows you to be open and free to share. She is very good at picking potential conflict areas as the discussions are being done and she will ask you to talk to each other about it. I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance in their marriage.

Tolerance and Audrey Nemaramba (Loving Honestly Coaching Clients) Designation

We really appreciate the outstanding work and time Zvisineyi invested in us during the first of its kind couple’s session. Her concern and genuine desire to help us was a good influence and tremendously transformed our communication and appreciation towards each other. Words can’t express how thankful we are for her listening concern and ability. Zvisineyi is the best coach-counselor we have ever met. There is no doubt in our minds that we wouldn’t be where we are today, enjoying our life and family the way we are if it weren’t for the time and energy we spent working with Zvisi. “Thank you for making a difference in our relationship. We are eternally grateful.”

Rudo M (Loving Honestly Coaching Client) Designation

Zvisi’s women group coaching session was remarkable and quite an experience for me. The environment, set up and ambience coupled by Zvisi’s personality and friendliness made the whole session a comfortable space for the ladies to open up and freely share their stories, relationship scenarios and experiences. My one on one session with the group listening in was quite an eye opener for me and made me have a retrospect of my current relationship which I intend to ponder on more with Zvisi in some personal one on one sessions. At the end of the day I noticed that all the ladies felt some relief with the whole session and what was meant to be a 2 hour session ended up going for close to 4 hours. Keep up this good work Zvisi, which will indeed go a long way in helping a lot of women and men.

V.T Manuwa (Loving Honestly Coaching Client) Designation

The women's group coaching we had with Zvisi was such an eye opener and caused a great awakening within me. I particularly love the way she makes you feel comfortable and is never judgmental. I look forward to more sessions like this. Thank you for providing a safe space and offering practical help.

Wilma N (Loving Honestly Coaching Client) Designation

Zvisi's women's group coaching session was quite an experience. She effortlessly coaches on relationships with great skill. Volunteers gave us a firsthand encounter; Zvisineyi exhibited impressive skill, connecting with her audience and making them more aware of their challenges. An uncommon expertise. Amazing!

Netsai M (Loving Honestly Coaching Client) Designation

The counseling session we had with Zvisi was worth it. It was an eye opener to some of the things we take for granted in relationships if not addressed early can actually destroy us .Also she made me see the importance of communication between partners as it irons out critical issues before they escalate and damage the relationship or family. I would highly recommend her to anyone facing challenges in relationships or marriage because she touches all aspects and equips you with all that you would need to gain back your confidence and selflove.

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